About me

My art is rooted in the changing landscape around me – the ebb and flow of the seasons, each with its own beauty. The natural rhythms and movements suggest the form and structure of a piece, to which I may add trees, lines of the earth that have been eroded or from the path of a tractor over time.

I tend to experience the world around me in a sensory and intuitive way, with the spine of the downs, the curve of a hare’s back or a winding path dissecting a field; seeing and feeling them simultaneously, energises me to make initial marks on paper or material to record a passing moment in time. I love to experiment and learn from what looks and feels right. A mistake may take me in an exciting new direction from which to race along on a new journey.

My aim is to translate these raw emotions into images – using found objects from a field or beach, recycled materials, textiles and combining them with acrylics/ inks/ dyes and watercolour – capturing the essence and the stunning beauty of Wiltshire, with its rolling downs, vales, trees, ancient places, a beach or just the eye of a hare or the curve of a horses back.

Although I have no formal training, I have attended many workshops over the years and been taught by some wonderful tutors including; Amanda Hislop, Valerie Wartelle, Sue Faux and Sara Cross, who have been enormously influential.